Monday, August 11, 2014

2014年1月の大東京 - 博物館, 新宿, 浜松町, 大塚, 山など / Museum, Shinjuku, Hamamatsucho, Otsuka, Mountains, Tokyo Tower, Etc. - January 2014

Jumping back just a half year to January of this year.  Hard to imagine as I write this in 31C heat that I was cold in January and looking forward to warmer weather....
Looking up at an observation tower at a museum in Saitama.
This construction site in Shinjuku right next to the Saikyo Line platform looks very different now - with the lower structural part of a new high-rise building already in place.
View from a platform at Hamamatsucho Station.  浜松町駅
Waiting for a train at night.
Near Kawagoe-shi Station on the Tobu-Tojo Line in Kawagoe.
A 20th century computer.  Booting it up quickly demonstrates how much more powerful modern computers are.  It has many of the same type of applications I use now, but each one is slowly and (seemingly) painfully loaded, and you can't have too many things loaded at once - 32MB (or is it 40MB? - I'll have to boot it up again to check) only goes so far....
..... I've never bought one of these cards... I guess this is becoming a standard way to pay for things bought via computer cell phones?
Part of a row of public telephones in Shinjuku Station.  This section of the row has since been removed and there are just four or five left on the other end.  Likely the decision to remove many of the phones was prompted by people using them as tables to have a drink before going home....
Evening platform view.
At a park in the mountains in Saitama.
Stairs to the bridge of a starship... ;)
Looking up at/under an observation tower.
Small movie theater in a museum.
Part of a park in Saitama.
Buildings near Otsuka Station / 大塚駅近く - This type of collection of medium-sized buildings used to be representative of most of central Tokyo, but more and more of the city is being rebuilt with larger and taller structures.
Temporary Parking Spaces
Tokyo Tower
Shrine on New Year's Day Morning
Osaki / 大崎
Otsuka / 大塚
Waiting for a Seibu Line Train / 西武線
Inside an empty (except for myself and the driver) bus.
Waiting for a JR train.
Part of a park in the mountains of Saitama.
Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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